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Horizontal Planeswalker Magic: The Gathering Template

Unlike my other two Magic: The Gathering templates, this template was designed specifically for use with Photoshop due to the lack of an image frame. While Magic Set Editor 2 can use partial transparent PNG images and this template has been ported to it, creating quality PNG cutouts of characters still has to be done in a more advanced image editor like Photoshop or GIMP. This template was designed not long after planeswalker cards were introduced to the game and as such does not feature a colorless frame as required by the game today.

The main focus of this frame was to create a very simple frame that didn't distract from the character art and that would really allow the characters to "pop" off the card. I went with a horizontal layout as that was a layout that appealed to me due to the fact that in the game mechanics, planeswalkers were not required to be tapped (turned sideways), and so they could have been printed horizontally and still been playable alongside their vertical counterparts.

To the right I've presented a simple render of each frame inspection with a placeholder generic figure to represent how a character might be displayed. Of the elements presented in the example cards, I was not responsible for the creation of mana symbols or loyalty symbols (the symbols under the name \ that define the cost of the card, and the arrow and shield like symbols on the card.) Those elements are property of Wizards of the Coast, LLC and are used here for solely for example purposes. They will be removed upon request.

Approximately 25 hours were spent developing the frames from conception sketches and in Photoshop, and another 25 hours were later spent coding the template for use in Magic Set Editor 2. You can download it for MSE2 here.

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